Well, back to reality and a local lake after a couple of days of battling the silver sided kings of the big pond. I was to fish with Bram & his brother Neil & their sons Dylan & Jamie today for a multi species kind of day. The weather was a little confusing with cloud & light rain in the morning and bright sunshine in the afternoon. Little to no wind was present as we set the lines for a troll hoping for a mix of pike & walleye. Although the air temps were only in the low 60’s, the water temps were in the upper 60’s and this should have meant that the fish would be active. I was about to find out different as It took almost 15 minutes for our first bite and that’s very unusual. A small pike was landed and another shortly after and then it began. I concentrated in an area that was putting out fish on every pass after this and continued to hit them regularly. We were now getting into pike up to about 6 pounds with an occasional walleye and amazingly a few largemouth bass as well. In fact, Bram landed a nice one of over 4 pounds that we really thought was a walleye by the way it was fighting. Another big fish was lost along the way in by one of their sons when the hooks just pulled free, leaving us with the unknown. I’m pretty sure by the fight that it was a big walleye, but will never know for sure. After this area slowed, I switched up a couple of rods to spinnerbaits and slid in over the shallower weeds for more action. There were a number of northerns landed here, but after an hour or so of catching them, we decided to make another move for a different species. Bass was what we were after now and they were about to hammer them pretty good on a variety of baits. From spinnerbaits and crankbaits to tubes and soft plastic, they all got bit. I had to give an explanation on each & every bait and pretty much locked up every time on a good smallie while doing so. There were just too many fish in the area not to and they were all finding out as well. I really don’t know how many fish were caught here, but I know it was over 25 by the time all was done. We had been hearing thunder and watching a storm system moving in but managed to stick it out till 5:00 before we headed back to take out. I’m pretty sure that there were at least 50 or 60 fish caught today with decent sizes in all species. Everybody managed to hold their own despite the ongoing bet the adults had with the kids and I do think that the boys managed to win by a hair. The parents may have something to say about this though as the competition was quite intense at times. All in all a great day was had by everyone and a few fish even got caught in the process!!