After trying out a local lake on the weekend with my wife, I was back on the water once again today. Ira, Marcus & Bert joined me in hopes of catching a few fish for their dinner and I knew just the place. By 7:30 we were trolling and well on our way to a very eventful day of fishing. When the first reel went off, it was a little disappointing as the fish only ripped line out and somehow came off for Ira. He did recover though when the second one fired and landed a beautiful 4 pound walleye. I was pretty sure there would be more to come aboard and continued in anticipation for the next one. It didn’t really take long before reels were screaming about every five minutes or less and all were fighting a mix of walleye & northern pike. Two more decent walleye of around the same size were landed before Ira topped all the others with an even larger one of five pounds plus making their total, four in the livewell. This went on for several hours before we relocated to another area nearby when it began to slow. There weren’t any more walleye landed, but there were plenty of pike caught on just about every lure we put down there. Even a few bass were taken in the afternoon when we switched up the day to casting! With the big tournament coming this weekend, there were boats everywhere and that made it difficult to pursue the better spots that I knew. For a change today, the weather was really cooperative with warm temps of 76 degrees and a light N/E wind of 5 to 10 knots. Sunshine was with us pretty much all day with an occasional cloud moving in from time to time. Water temps were around 63 degrees in most areas and on the rise in others. We really couldn’t have planned it better with the way that “Mother Nature” provided this spectacular day on the lake. All in all a very glorious day to be on the water and a few fish were caught as well!!