I took a little road trip today to fish with Curt & Eric on a lake for smallies and lakers. They wanted to catch some big bass & oh how they did just that! We hooked up just after 7:00 A.M. and were on the water shortly after. The weather began a little misty in the clouds but soon cleared to just cloudy conditions for the rest of the day. Air temps were in the 70’s and the water was at best, 64 degrees where we fished. The bait of choice was definitely the jig as several lures were tried without success. Curt was just hammering the bass from the back of the boat as Eric was watching in envy until he finally joined in and the game was on. From that point, they were both hooking into smallies in the 3 to 4 pound class on a regular basis and loving every minute of it. I think the largest was one that Eric caught that weighed 4 ¾ pounds after Curt had caught one slightly smaller as well. I wouldn’t say there was any competition going on, but there was a lot of needling as each of them just kept catching fish for hours. I’m sure there were at least 50 or more of these big bass caught & released before we switched up to lake trout somewhere after 3:30 P.M. Neither of them had ever actually seen or caught a laker before and wanted to spend a little time trying, so we set the riggers down and began. Although I wasn’t marking any bait in this area, I was seeing some fish on the sonar and set the lines in those zones. We had a release on one rigger over 200 feet of water shortly after and Eric was tight to his first lake trout. This one was over 23 inches and made it into the live well for them later. We trolled for another hour or so with only one other fish on the cheater. Curt landed this one that went just over 19 inches and it was returned unharmed. A couple of other hits on the sliders but nothing to show was what we had for the remainder of this fishing. We were unable to troll through the zone I wanted as a boat moved in and anchored as soon as they saw the first fish come aboard making it impossible to troll around the shoal from where it was taken. These fish were suspended beside the hump 30 to 40 feet down adjacent to a bump that tops out at 26 feet of water. Although we had taken fish with a depth of 200 feet under us, shallower water was very close by. We called the day somewhere around 5:00 and packed everything up to go. It was a great day by anyone’s standards, but an incredible one by ours as plenty of big bass were landed by all. The lake trout was just the icing on the cake!!