Jim was in town on business for a few days and thought he would try the local fishing with me today. What he didn’t anticipate was just how incredible it was to be! We began under cloudy skies for the first couple of hours but were soon in rain and drizzle for the remainder of the outing. Temps weren’t too bad with mid 60’s above the water and just about the same below. As for winds, well that was a different story. They pretty much switched direction about every half hour or so. I would have to say that we had just about every compass direction that there was! The fishing however was worth every bit of misery that “Mother Nature” dealt us. Pike of all sizes up to 5 or 6 pounds were caught on a multitude of baits and they weren’t what we were after. The walleye were the quest for today and they bit equally as well. We had fish mostly in the 4 pound or better class with several over 5 and a couple topping 6 pounds too. Rods were firing all day long with the longest wait about 10 minutes at worst. With the low clouds and rain falling they bit throughout the entire day and that’s what it’s all about! We had non stop action that you just dream about and by the time it was all over there had to be somewhere around 60 fish landed, or better. Fifteen of them were walleye and Jim was happy to take a couple of the smaller ones home with him for a dinner. Although it was a wet one, I wouldn’t have traded it for the nicest day of the year, for anything. I think I’m just going to fish on rainy days from now on!!