Norm was back for some more punishment today, but this time he was the punisher. We began our day shortly before 8 and were into the first laker less than 5 minutes after we set the lines out. I had just slid over one of my open water humps and told Norm to get ready because he was about to get hit. Five seconds later he jumped on the rod as it popped from the rigger and a 19.5 inch lake trout was soon being landed. All he could do was shake his head in utter disbelief as the fish hit right on cue! We weren’t only blessed with cooperative fish, but it actually looked like “Mother Nature” might give us a break today as well. Sunshine and light N winds along with temps in the upper 60’s were what we were going to be seeing and many fish too. In the next couple of hours there were a half dozen lakers landed and several other releases and lost fish along the way. Unfortunately with the north winds seemed to come the short fish and they all had to be released. The winds kicked up a little bit more and we were receiving a cold air now, shutting the fish down completely where we were trolling. I decided to try other areas closer to the wind blown shoreline, where I had seen the brown trout only a few days earlier. Norm wanted to practice his fly casting skills and decided to break out the fly rod and see what he could come up with. I threw a tiny minnow bait jig along the deeper breaks looking for those cruising trout as Norm worked over the mid depths searching for the active cruisers. Both of us had a few follows and I think I may have had a couple of trout hit as I casted to some of the browns I saw swimming. Unfortunately neither of us were able to get into any of them and all we could come up with were perch & rock bass along with an occasional bass. The winds kicked up a little more than we both wanted along this shoreline and I decided to switch lake sides to avoid the chilly air and see if we might be able to hook up over there. As with before, all we were able to accomplish on this side were followers once again and decided to give trolling another shot before we called it a day. Follows are great if you are a musky fisherman, but I want lips attached to my hooks! Apparently trolling was the ticket as Norm got into at least another half dozen or more trout once again and we even had a double header at one point too. In this batch of fish there were a few legal sized lakers up to 22 inches and I live welled them for Norm to take back home at the end of the day. By 5:30 we were calling it quits but not before we had another release and landed just one more. Norm decided that he wasn’t going to bring the fish home after all, so we released the lake trout after a couple of quick pics and were on our way. This day was full of action and he really got to see the riggers in operation before we head to Lake Ontario this summer in hot pursuit of the mighty King Salmon. Overall, a pretty good day with the weather holding out for us, this time!!