Well, you could definitely tell that it was a holiday today with plenty of boats all over the lake. Tim was staying in Bromont for a week of vacation and wanted to fish locally with his two sons, so he hooked up with me for the day. Brian & Bobby were so anxious that they were already wetting a line at the boat ramp when I arrived! The weather was going to be a carbon copy of yesterday with blazing sunshine and highs in the mid 80’s predicted. Light winds from the north were nothing to concern ourselves with as the boat traffic waves were much larger! Water temps were around 65 degrees when we began our troll and it didn’t take long before bobby was reeling in the first pike. He followed that up with a beautiful walleye of at least 5 pounds on the next fish and we were well on our way to another crazy day of fishing. Brian was up next and he too was reeling in northern of 3 to over 5 pounds in the next hour or so. Mixed in with the pike was an occasional walleye and the action was pretty much non stop. Tim decided when both his sons had landed 10 fish apiece that he would take the next reel that fired and what a decision that was. The rod went off and he started to reel in what I was sure was a walleye due to it staying down all the way to the boat. When it finally showed itself by the boat, I couldn’t believe my eyes at its length. I netted this beast and boga gripped the walleye for a weight. It went over 7 pounds and all of 28 inches plus. This was the longest and largest so far this year and definitely had to go back after a few quick pics. Brian and Bobby both continued to land more pike and somewhere around 11:30 we decided to switch it up a bit and go for smallmouth. Although the action wasn’t fast & furious, we did see plenty of bass in the 4 pound class but were unable to convince them into biting. Most of these fish were just cruising and not interested in our offerings at all. Bobby did manage to hook up on one of these big ones on a senko but unfortunately it came off on one of its jumps and left him quite disappointed. We covered a lot of water with just a few smaller fish being landed and a couple of largemouth by Brian before we finally arrived in an area that the fish seemed to cooperate. Tim was the first to hook into one of these feisty acrobats and Bobby doubled up immediately afterwards. A quick pic and back they both went unharmed. Bobby managed to get into another in the same spot and that’s all they wrote! We moved on and a little while later on some huge boulders, Brian finally locked up on a real beauty. He couldn’t believe the strength of these bass as he was use to catching largemouth and never really battled smallies before. I finally was able to slip the net under a 4 pound plus smallie and his personal best too. Another couple of quick pics and back it went. Bobby had another on briefly but was unable to catch up with the fish as she charged the boat creating slack in the line. We shifted to another point for our last shot at more of these bruisers and Tim was into one almost immediately. Brian also followed with a couple of his own and after getting into four or five of these scrappers, it just stopped. We tried for a little longer but were unable to scratch up another hit and packed it in for the day. Before we ran back to the ramp, we decided to take a few pics of the walleye in the live well and release them back in the same area they had come from earlier in the day. To say that Tim and his sons were satisfied would have been an understatement; they were elated with the numbers and size of fish for the day. All of them had caught at least 3 different species of fish and some of them were their personal best. All in all a terrific day to be on the lake!!!