Well, after an unsuccessful attempt at booking up this week, Norm was back for another round of catch the lake trout! Everyone that was suppose to fish with me for these last outings had to cancel for one reason or the other and I wasn’t ready to head home quite yet. The fishing was just too good and Norm knew it after Monday’s unbelievable numbers day, so we hooked up around the same time and hit the water almost immediately. Although the weather wasn’t anything like it was a couple of days earlier, at least it wasn’t like yesterday’s monsoon and I was thankful for that. We were literally in the clouds with a misty rain falling and the lake blanketed with the foggy cloudlike system. The air temps were in the 50’s and there was no wind when we set the riggers out and began our troll. As with Monday, we had a quick hook up and the first fish of almost 22 inches was soon swimming in the live well for Norm’s dinner. He didn’t take any home earlier in the week and really wanted to try one or two from today. I wasn’t too worried about filling his request as this place was just too easy to fish! Shortly after the first fish I gave him a heads up before we went over the killer zone and he was ready. Just like each troll over this area, the rod popped and Norm was quick on the trigger. This fish however felt a little heavier than most and I thought we might finally have a really good one. To our surprise it was two fish with lips attached to each lure! They were a little shy of the slot size and both of them were returned unharmed. In a few short hours we were able to land at least a dozen of these lake trout and actually had another double header on the same rod once again. I kept one more trout due to the hook job as I was pretty sure it wouldn’t survive. I was right as it went belly up in the live well shortly after and died. When we had our fill of this, we decided to try casting once again and headed to another area a little further away looking for the browns. Oh they were there, but all we could do was look at them as nothing even attempted to follow our offerings even once. Norm even tried flies for a while with nay a touch! A few lake trout did come up from the deep water and a couple of them were taken on jigs but not the brown trout. They were just uncooperative and I didn’t like it! Off we went to another deep point and Norm hooked a real biggun from over 20 feet of water and I thought he might finally have one of those ghost browns. When it was close enough to the boat I caught a glimpse of the fish and it was definitely brown. Too bad the brown was the color from a smallie and not a trout as I slid the net under an almost 6 pound fish. A quick pic and back she went to the depths from where she came. She was a big pre spawn female and I didn’t want to interrupt her cycle by keeping her out of the water too long. We had to leave this area after we realized that the only thing here was bass and hit the other side of the lake and colder water. There we were having follows but only from lake trout and after an hour or so of this, just got fed up and also left. I spent close to an hour or so finally refining Norm’s fly casting skills enough for him to feel comfortable in his ability to present the fly and then we went back to lake trout trolling for the last hour of the day. This fishing is just too easy as we landed another half dozen lakers and missed several others before we called it a day. The last hoorah saw us leaving the lake around 6:30 P.M. totally satiated with the day’s outcome and Norm finally felt good casting with a fly rod. Overall a really great day despite the messy start in the clouds and plenty of fish were caught.