After yesterdays outing, Curt & Eric wanted to try another lake nearby for a half day of fishing before they headed home, so I went back to meet them in the morning. I was glad I had left the boat somewhere nearby and travelled without it in tow as it may have been a different outcome. Along my drive to the lake I came so close to wiping out a deer that I don’t think I would have been able to swerve away towing the boat. That’ll kick start your day with a bang! We hooked up and headed on the lake by 7:30 A.M. and began fishing slightly different methods from the previous day. The topwater bite was on, but the fish were acting somewhat strange. The bigger ones weren’t hitting and some of the smaller ones were also slapping at the baits trying to move them away. I hit plenty of areas in this short time trying to find bigger biters but all I could come up with were small to medium fish. The weather was somewhat different as well with cloud and plenty of sunshine all around. Winds picked up to about 10 knots from the north by mid morning unlike the dead calm conditions yesterday. Water temps were in the mid 60’s and the air temps were closer to 80 when we were done. Although there were plenty of fish caught, they weren’t the size that I was looking for and that was a little disappointing. It’s surprising how fast a half day goes when you’re on the clock! We cut out shortly after noon and headed back to the dock to take out. Wouldn’t you know it, the clouds let loose and poured on us for about three minutes as I put the boat on the trailer, soaking us all. You gotta love “Mother Nature” !!