Bobby was back to fish with me again today and this time he brought along Sam and his son David as well. I knew that I was going to have a good day as it’s the “kid factor” rule! The weather was looking a little mixed up with sunshine giving way to heavy clouds and some of them were rather dark. Winds were from the S/W at 5 knots at best and the air temps were almost 50 degrees at the start. Water temps were between 51 & 53 degrees on the open lake as we began our troll. With all the bodies in the boat today I was planning on running 2 boards and 2 riggers to cover the depths efficiently. It took me a little while to get all the rods out and once I was where I wanted to be, the inside board started to fall back when the reel went off. I knew it was a laker and passed the rod to David for the fight. He reeled like it was Moby Dick and eventually brought a 22 inch trout to the net. This was his largest trout to date as his father usually takes him fishing for brookies on their lake up north. This also broke a long dry spell of short lakers for me and I was happy about that too! We had one other release on the rigger a little later and unfortunately that was all for the trolling. I switched up to casting breaks to see if they might be in shallower along the drop offs and managed to have several follows. They were curious, but not enough to actually commit to hitting the jigs and baits we were throwing. I really wanted to teach David how to cast a spinning outfit and ran him through all the basics involved. After 10 or 15 minutes he was casting like a champ and ready to graduate from his spin-cast outfit back home. I guess he will be receiving a new rod & reel soon! Sometime in the early afternoon, we had to make a dash for cover when I heard thunder in the distance. I never chance being in open areas when there’s electricity in the air and managed to take shelter in a boathouse nearby. We took this time to eat lunch and wait out the heavy rains that came along with the storm. Eventually, we were able to get back on the water and began casting once again. Although we were catching a few fish here & there, they weren’t what we were looking for. Bobby hooked several perch, a couple of pike and a bass here & there as we fanned out over a deep sand point looking for another laker. By 3:30 P.M. they were ready to call it a day as Sam had to be somewhere by six and they had a long drive ahead of them. A few quick pics of David & his catch and they were on their way with the little guy providing dinner for his family. Overall a good day with plenty of fish landed and one happy little boy!!!