Back to the lake I went this morning but this time I was joined by Mathieu & his father, Alain. It was his birthday & his son was treating him to a day of fishing as his present. I wasn’t sure what we had in store for today but it began partly sunny and that was a welcomed treat. The air temps were in the low 40’s and the winds were almost non existent when we started our troll. Water temps were still cool at 51 degrees as we set out the 2 lead core lines on planers and I also dropped a rigger down seeing as how we were three in the boat. It really wasn’t fast & furious as we washed lures for quite a while before we had a drive by on one of the boards and the reel screamed out drag. They usually don’t get off on these set ups and I wasn’t impressed! I covered plenty of quality water looking for a taker but never managed to have one cooperate. Although we were marking plenty of fish, there really wasn’t much bait in this area today. Previous outings in the same location had huge pods of baitfish showing up all over the screen along with many fish hooks. Today wasn’t one of those days though and I decided to try another area when the weather looked like it was getting dark over our heads. So much for sunshine as we were surrounded by clouds and the onset of showers were imminent! The next area was loaded with bait and there were lots of fish holding above the pods, giving me a little more confidence to troll here. While we trolled, we started to get rained on and then a reel went off. I knew it had to be a trout as we were over 100 feet of water and the line was down less than 20. Alain reeled in the fish and I unclipped the planer so that he could fight the fish without the board. As bad luck would have it, the fish took to the air close to the boat and came unpinned. I’m not sure if it was a salmon or a rainbow but I know it was at least 3 pounds or more. I circled around and tried another pass just to keep it honest, but nada. We continued to cover water in the bay and after we had completed the entire area decided to relocate once again. As we were reeling in the lines, I found that there was a small salmon on the cheater spoon. I have no idea how long it had been there, but it dashed off when released. Rain was falling and a storm was creeping up on us so we decided to run south and see if we could find clear skies. We trolled in sunshine and some clouds and had another reel go off on the board. Alain was now reeling in the first fish of the day but unfortunately it turned out to be a bass. After a while more of this, I thought a change up was in order and had them start casting lures to the deep drops and sandy points. A couple of lakers showed, but none of them wanted to commit to the baits other than an occasional smallie. Another storm was approaching from a different direction and this time it was electrical. I packed up and bolted north trying to outrun its arrival. Eventually, I had to take shelter in a boathouse and just wait it out. Finally, after about 20 minutes or so, the skies cleared and we were able to continue fishing. They were still set up for casting so we tried some deep water edges along cliff walls for unsuspecting trout. As with previous areas, all they could come up with were a few perch and several bass instead of the following lakers. I thought we would go back to trolling and headed to the other side of the lake now that the sun was out and there were blue skies over there. Although I was marking fish, there wasn’t any sign of bait to be had! We trolled for a while and had another reel go off on the shore side and I knew it had to be a laker as that was all I ever caught from this area. As with most other fish today, it also came off when Alain started to reel it to the boat. The entire day was short strikes by every trout we almost had! I made one more attempt at the other side of the lake where we had marked tons of bait and lost the only trout we actually saw. When we arrived though, the waves were 2 & 3 footers and the wind was blowing straight into the bay. This lasted all of about 5 minutes and we called it a day. The ride back was a little bumpy, but nothing like it could have been, because it only got worse after we took out. Although “Mother Nature” had a strange sense of humor today with us constantly dodging storms, it was still decent. Alain will have memories of this bizarre day for a while on yet another birthday!!