Norm & I decided that a little rain forecasted for today wasn’t going to deter us from hitting the lake once again. We hooked up around 7:30 and were fishing shortly after. He was use to the fly rod trolling but had never seen the planer boards in action, so we were going to troll lakers for a while this morning. With winds from the south around 10 knots and very overcast skies it should be perfect for the boards. Although the air temps were to reach a max of 48 today, it felt a whole lot colder than it actually was and we felt the chill too. I ran one board and dropped a rigger down with a slider to cover more water columns and began to wash lures. The first trout to come in was on the cheater when I saw the rod bouncing in the holder and Norm was officially on his way. It didn’t fight like the salmon he was use to getting on the fly rods, but it was still a blast. Unfortunately, it had to go back as 19.25 inches was all she measured again. The next fish came on the lead core and ripped some line from the reel on the initial hit stirring Norm up a little. I think it sounded more like the fly reels and he definitely liked that! This one was also to measure a little short and back it went once more. The third & final trout fell victim to a tight turn between someone’s large tie off float and the shoreline and really ripped line from the reel when the board went back. I thought by the sound that it was going to be a decent fish but was a little disappointed when I saw the size. It once again measured short at 19.5 inches and reluctantly went back to the lake. He had gone 3 for 3 and that was something to be happy about, unfortunately he had nothing to show for the efforts and that sucked. We decided to switch it up a bit and try trolling the fly rods in another area in hopes of a possible salmon or two and bolted to our next spot. After an hour or so of unsuccessful fly washing and constant line checking from all the floating debris, we killed that idea. Now we were going to try casting jigs in deep water with occasional minnow baits thrown in for good measure as well. I can’t tell you how many perch and big perch we caught, but it was unbelievable. I think we stumbled into a herd of them in 30 plus feet of water and yanked them in one after the other. Some guys would have killed to have this and probably harvested the entire school for dinner, but not us. We were after bigger fish to fry! Although we didn’t land any more trout, I’m sure by the feel of some of the fish we had hooked up to, there’s a good possibility they were lakers. The bite was really off today with all this weather and seemed to have the fish in a real lethargic state. We did catch several good size bass in the mix too and from the depth they were coming from, there wasn’t really any fight involved. An off & on misty rain fell throughout the day and kept the skies really dark and dreary but we stuck it out till after five. Overall a little slow, but it sure beats sitting on the couch!