I was flying solo today so what a better way to try a few new areas and refine some old ones as well. I began by trolling over deep water looking for either trout or salmon with a tandem streamer. With the cloud cover, I thought they might be high so I ran a long shallow line and hoped for the best. It’s tough with the one rod rule to decide where to begin, but the fish busting smelt close to the boat had me thinking I had made the right decision. The water temps had risen slightly from yesterday’s heat wave and were now 49.5 degrees where I was. The air temps were in the 50’s and expected to reach into the 60’s by days end. The winds had switched overnight and were now blowing at 10 knots from the north. I wasn’t having much luck with the fly so after about an hour or so, I decided to try the leadcore and planer board once again in hopes of changing my luck. Wouldn’t you know it, the board went back and I was tight to another fish in almost the exact area as yesterday. I was pretty sure that it was another laker as I was trolling in about 80 feet of water when the drag went out signaling the fish. Sure enough, I was right and soon slipped the net under a clone of the one I had taken yesterday. I really thought I was onto something and stayed in the area that had produced both trout, for almost 2 hours. Nay another touch was had and I was soon reeling in the line and heading elsewhere in hopes of better luck. I’m sure that if I was able to get another line or two into the water that the outcome would have been different. I had been marking plenty of bait as well as fish marks mostly in 40 to 50 over as much as 150 feet of water. I think I might bring out the riggers next time just to keep them honest! The other areas weren’t as productive on the trout, but there were plenty of smallmouth caught on spoons over about 40 feet of water. I thought that with the clouds, I might be able to get an active salmon by going slightly shallower with the board. Oh how wrong I was as I found out many a time all over the lake. I think the bass also felt the weather change and it seemed like they were out and suspended by the way they ate the spoons. Talk about spoon feeding the fish! Although we did get some sunshine during the afternoon, it was mostly an overcast day and the bite was pretty much off for me on the trout scene. I hope tomorrow will be better as I have a couple of guests and I really want to get back into the fly rod trolling for salmon once again. If not, hopefully there will be more action on the lake trout with the aid of lead core and boards. This time, I will be able to run more than one rod and cover multiple depths by doing so.