Darren joined me again today but this time he treated his brother Mark to a day with him for smallmouth bass. We headed out a little later than usual due to the cold overnight lows in anticipation of sunshine and a warmer beginning. The air temps were in the mid 40’s but with the strong 20 knot, W winds, it felt more like below freezing. Clouds blanketed us pretty much all day with a little sunshine later in the afternoon. Water temps were between 58.5 & 62 degrees, depending on where we were fishing. Darren drew first blood when he hooked up on a 4 pounder on his first cast and we knew he was in for trouble. It’s bad luck to catch a fish on your first cast, as Darren was about to find out. His brother Mark was to hook up next with a slightly smaller smallie but it was quite sometime after the first. Eventually, we managed to get into an area where they began catching largemouth on almost every cast for a brief period and managed to bring about 15 or more of them to the boat with the largest going about 3 pounds. They also managed to lose several other smallies due to the strength of their fight. We probably stayed longer than we should have, but there were plenty of huge smallmouth bass in the area that seemed to only have lockjaw. Somewhere after noon, we opted for another area a little further away in hopes of more biters. As luck would have it, it wasn’t long after we arrived that the fish became active. Both Darren & Mark began to hook into plenty of above average smallies that went up to & even over 4 pounds on a regular basis. It wasn’t every cast, but there was enough action to keep everyone satisfied! When it all slowed down, I relocated to another area and they began all over again. There were so many fish in this area that they began hooking up in doubles. Mark managed to land his largest bass ever when he brought one to the net over 5 pounds. Ironically, he blew that away a few minutes later when he managed to land one of 22 inches and all of 6 pounds or better. This was too bad that we arrived in this area so late in the day as we were almost ready to leave! We fished a little longer and managed to get into many more bass, but nothing over 4 pounds, before we cut out and headed back to the ramp. Although the day started out a little slow, it definitely ended with a bang! There had to be over 50 bass landed to day with closer to 75 being more likely. It was definitely a big fish bite day!!