I was back on the water once again today, but this time with Darren & Ed for smallies. The weather wasn’t the greatest with overcast & rain pretty much all day long. The winds were light and from the S/W at less than 5 K, but the air felt cool at 58 degrees. Water temps were hovering around 65 degrees and pretty clear wherever we fished. We tried several areas throughout the day and never really found schooling fish anywhere. Most of the time we were lucky to get more than 1 fish in each spot and I think we actually caught 4 in one area. Spinnerbaits & tube jigs were what they threw, but a few fish were also taken on tiny crankbaits. Darren managed to land a smallie on the tiny bait that went over 6 pounds in one area and was lucky it stayed pinned when I finally got her in the net. As luck would have it, the tiny hook was barely holding in a lose piece of skin. I guess elephants eat peanuts too! Ed just hammered the pike on a spinnerbait and it took a while before he actually landed a smallie, but it finally happened. He got a nice 3 pounder on a tube and soon after, several others on the spinnerbait. It wasn’t fast & furious like I had expected, but there were quality bass landed today in many areas. We definitely covered water trying to find schooling fish but only managed to find small groups in the areas we fished. By days end there were probably close to 20 or more bass taken ranging from 3 pounds to over 6. A good day for quality!!