After a few days off, I was back on the water with Norm & Alison once again. Norm was still looking for a personal best, larger than 4.7 pounds and was hoping today was the day. We began the day in frosty conditions that had the air temps hovering around the freezing mark, but eventually climbed to over 50 degrees by afternoon. Winds were light and from the east at less than 5 k and it was sunny all day. For a cold start, it really warmed to a beautiful fall day. The water temps had dropped as well, and were now barely over 54 degrees too. Within the first 5 minutes, both Norm & Alison had multiple chances at bass and managed to land several with a couple over 4 pounds right away. Most of the fish were a little on the smaller side at 2 to 3 pounds and it seemed like they had to weed through them in order to get to the larger ones. This action was constant for a while and then we had a slow period that caused us to move around and try to find more active fish nearby. After picking a fish here & there, we thought a move was in order and relocated altogether! This wasn’t to prove to be the best choice either as there was only one fish landed with many others seen just roaming around the area. Eventually we decided to go back to where we started and there, they began to catch once more. Lots of fish were being caught and some decent ones too but Norm was still looking for something a little bit larger. He did finally manage to capture back to back in two casts, a couple over 4 pounds with the largest going 4-3/4 pounds. Several more bass were caught as well in the next few hours before we decided to call it a day and headed off the water. Norm had finally captured something that he could be proud of and now had a personal best broken that he had held on to for over 10 years. Too bad it wasn’t over five, but that’s for another day! Both Alison & Norm had caught plenty of fish with several really good ones throughout the day and with this beautiful weather we had, there was no suffering involved. Next time out, he’s shooting for one over five!!