I had a full boat today as Sammy & his brother were joined by Tony & his uncle Leonardo from Belgium for some tremendous smallmouth bass action. Although we somehow managed to get a later start than I was use to, they still managed to catch a bunch of decent sized bass. The weather was a beautiful fall like day with cool air temps in the upper 50-degree range and light winds until late in the afternoon when they blew at 10 K from the west. Sunshine greeted us pretty much all day long and warmed the water to just over 60 degrees by days end as well. I really don’t remember who drew first blood with the fishing but I do know that everyone managed to catch plenty of bass to keep all happy. Sammy definitely had the hot hand as he landed the most of everyone, but not the largest. These honours were for Tony as he managed to get a smallie that was 21 inches and all of 5.5 pounds. Good thing too as he also sampled the water first hand while taking a nature break. It was like watching someone from the Polar Bear Club, but fully clothed. Thankfully, he was able to get out quickly and change before the cold set in. Love that Ranger ladder! There wasn’t really and dead periods during the day, just constant action that kept everyone on their game. Too bad there were so many fish missed or lost, as this would have been an even better day on the water. We decided to call it quits somewhere after 5:00 P.M. when the temperatures started to fall as the sun went low. Overall, it was a pretty good day with lots of action, right down to the Baptism!!