After a very successful outing last week, Norm decided that he needed another day on the water once again. We met up early and wasted no time heading out, in pursuit of more angry smallmouth bass. The weather was quite pleasant with sunshine, no wind and temps in the 50’s to start the day. It eventually warmed up to T Shirt weather, reaching almost 70 degrees by days end. The water temps were still around 60 degrees despite the relatively cool nights lately. To add to all of this, there wasn’t even a breeze around and that made fishing even more enjoyable. As usual, there was plenty of action in the first hour and I think that Norm landed close to 10 smallies by then. He caught bass on tubes as well as spinnerbaits and nearly had his arms torn off every time they crashed into the lures. The hits were quite violent on the spinnerbaits and they usually hooked themselves when they attacked. We were trying to better Norm’s personal best smallie of 4 pounds 7 ounces and thought today would be the day. As luck wouldn’t have it, we were unable to accomplish this and he had to settle for another of the exact same size, as the largest of the day. Unlike the last trip where he actually had the fish on, several times, today he never really got a crack at one. We did see a few in the area that would have surpassed the existing one, but they had no interest in eating. There were fish caught pretty much all day long with lots of 3 & 4 pound bass and a few that were in the 4.5 pound range too. I think that the majority of his total catch today was greater than 3 pounds! What he lacked in size, he made up for in numbers as he landed so many bass that we gave up counting. It was definitely a day that he will remember for quite a while. At least until his next outing!!