Norm headed out with me this morning, as we took a road trip to see if we could get him into some smallmouth bass. He hadn’t fished in over 10 years and was really looking foreword to catching a few fish and seeing what techniques would be used. We arrived at the lake a little later than expected at 9:00 A.M. after having a little car trouble and wasted no time launching the boat. The conditions were less than perfect with overcast skies, heavy winds at 10 to 20 K from the W/SW & air temps below 50 degrees. I really thought we would get them good when I saw that the water temps were around 61 degrees but wasn’t impressed with the grey colour. We began by throwing spinnerbaits to see if we could get into any active fish and had a few short strikes. I changed up to see if I could entice a fish into hitting a texas-rigged tube and immediately got bit. I also got bit off and knew it was a northern! After re rigging, I also got bit off once more and was beginning to wonder if it was a good idea to set another rig up and try again. This I decided to try and finally landed a pike of a couple of pounds and knew it was time to relocate. We tried several other areas before we finally went deep and began to hook up on tubes. Although we may have taken a few hours to locate the fish, we were finally on them and actually catching smallmouth bass. We spent the rest of the day covering water in the same area and catching bass up to 3.5 pounds. For someone that hasn’t fished in over 10 years, Norm definitely held his own, catching plenty of smallmouth on tubes as well. It didn’t take him long to get the hang of dragging the jigs slowly over the area to entice the reluctant strikes that we were having. We actually had to almost dead stick the baits in some cases to provoke the fish into hitting the jigs. Along with the difficult conditions, we had a wind from the W/NW and waves blowing in from the S causing a washing machine effect that had us on our toes. It wasn’t easy to make a proper drift under these adverse conditions, but we still managed nevertheless! Somewhere late in the afternoon, we began to get into some of the larger bass and decided to stay a little later than expected. At one point, we were catching average 3 pound or better smallies in a small area and didn’t plan on moving until they stopped biting. It wasn’t until we lost our wind that I decided to pack it in and call it a day. We loaded the boat on the trailer at just about dark and were happy to have held out as long as we had as the fish were really biting. Overall, there must have been about 40 or more smallies landed up to 3.5 pounds and plenty of others lost & missed as well. For a day that started out slow, we definitely finished with a bang. If we had spent the entire day in the area we had finished in, there would have most likely been closer to 100 fish landed instead. All in all a tremendous day despite the weather and lack of fish at the start!!