I was back on the water again today with Alain & Cindy hoping for another day of successful bass fishing. We hit the water around 9:00 A.M. and headed across in relatively warm temps of 48 degrees. The air felt a little chilly without any sun, but the lack of wind made it bearable. Water temps have remained pretty stable at 59.5 degrees and really haven’t fluctuated more than a degree or two in the last few outings. Alain drew the first bass as we drifted & cast jigs to unsuspecting smallies nearby. Cindy followed up almost immediately as well with another one around 2 pounds. They both continued to catch and occasionally lose others for almost 4 hours with the bass ranging from 1.5 to 4 pounds before we relocated to another area in hopes of something larger. Here they both caught a few fish that were definitely better quality and Alain landed one that would have been around 5 pounds or better. Cindy kept hooking fish, but somehow managed to lose more than she was landing before I switched her up to a slightly stiffer rod. From that point on, she rarely missed a strike! There were plenty of bass landed by all today, but without the aid of the wind to stir them up, we were only able to get into a handful of the real big ones. Regardless of all the medium sized fish, it was still a great day on the water!