Brian was to join me today on the water, to see if he could better his personal best smallie that went 2.5 pounds. I laughed when he said that! He had felt like taking a trip south and immediately thought of coming here, being from Alaska. I guess that’s south for some, but not for all! The weather was mild with the air temps reaching into the lower 50-degree range and we had mostly sunshine throughout the day. Winds were out of the S/W at 15 to 25 K at times and subsided in the afternoon 5 to 10, making for a real enjoyable day. I think it was on Brian’s first cast that he cracked the 3 pound mark and the record was broken, but it was just the start as he was about to find out. He hit fish all day and plenty of bigguns too! Threes & fours were being caught, with the occasional 2 pounder and he was in heaven. I still can’t believe that he left a steelhead run in Alaska just to catch bass here in Quebec! This fishing went on all day with a pretty good spinnerbait bite happening around midday too. Most of the fish were a little lethargic though with the water temps holding around 54 degrees and jigs were needed to take the bulk of the fish. Sometime in the afternoon, he finally managed to get one over 5 pounds and we weighed it just for fun. It was to finally stop at five pounds, ten ounces on the scale and really become a personal best for him. We kept fishing for several more hours and eventually called it a day around 5:00 P.M. after many more fish. This was definitely a day that he would remember for a long time, as he would have to go back home for 3 months of almost darkness in Alaska real soon. Overall, it was a pretty good day to be on the water!