Jim & Marie were in to fish with me for the weekend and we wasted no time hitting the water. The conditions were just beautiful for a fall day with bluebird skies, sunshine, light winds & a forecasted high to reach the upper 60’s. Water temps were 58.5 and rose to just over 60 degrees in the end. Jim drew first blood with a hook up within the first minute and Marie didn’t waste any time either as she was soon to follow. I knew this was going to be another excellent day for numbers of football like smallies! There was constant action just about the entire day with a few slow periods now & then, but we were always on fish. Some of the larger ones just didn’t seem to want to bite, as we could see several just cruising around, not interested. Both Jim & Marie managed to land plenty of fish throughout the day, keeping them locked up most of the while. Jim even managed to land a nice walleye of over 3 pounds that eventually became dinner. Overall, it was a great day with many multiple hook-ups and plenty of quality sized bass landed by all! The second morning saw a slightly cooler start to the day that also turned out to be a warm one as well. Air temps reached the upper 60’s with cloud & sun and absolutely no wind at all. This made a drift quite difficult as we ended up having to cast for the bass instead. Water temps were about the same with slightly cooler water in the morning & warmer water as the day progressed. Once again the bite was down on the bottom and we dragged tube jigs all day to capture the numbers of smallies that we did. Although there were only a few really quality sized fish today, there were large quantities of bass in the 2 to 3 pound range and that made for an exciting day filled with plenty of action. Marie even managed to take a couple of bass on a spinnerbait that aggressively hammered the lure when we found a small pod of fish feeding on the surface. Overall, Jim definitely had the hot hand today as he landed pretty close to 50 or so bass by himself. Marie may not have landed that many, but she definitely held her own with high numbers as well. These two days were quite exciting & filled with constant action and for the first time, not hurricane backed. It always seems that when they join me in the fall, there is a wind being generated by some hurricane down south that has us scrambling to find fishable water. Mother Nature finally provided them with a trip that they were able to enjoy from start to finish!