Darren & I hit the water this morning and were surprised to see that it wasn’t raining, yet! The forecast called for rain, heavy at times and plenty of it was coming our way. Well, we weren’t on the water for more than 30 minutes before it began and it just never let up. We had decent temps of about 50 degrees, but heavy rain throughout the entire day. The water temps were about 54 degrees again with little change from the day before. This was only the second time that the “auto Bilge” pump kicked in since I’ve owned the boat, and it went off many times during the day. If there was only one good thing to say about today it would have to be that at least the fish were biting! We managed to get into plenty of bass ranging from 1 to almost 5 pounds with the majority of them being around 3 pounds apiece. Despite the lack of enthusiasm between us, we were too busy catching fish to worry about how wet it was and continued casting. By 4:30 P.M. we were considering packing it in and got into more fish that delayed our departure, slightly. We did however leave about 15 minutes later and almost in the dark because of the heavy cloud cover surrounding us. Although this wasn’t the most picture perfect day to be out on the water, we did manage to stick it out and endure what “Mother Nature” had thrown our way!