After postponing yesterdays outing with clients due to horrible weather forecasts, we decided to give it a try today. The lesser of two evils! Both days were expected to have heavy rains and high winds, only to end up with overcast skies and practically no breeze at all. Mike managed to get a replacement for his dad, when we switched the days and Peter was more than happy to accommodate him. The weather was once again cloudy with a high of almost 70 degrees and a light N wind of less than 5 K. Water temps were 65 to 66 degrees in most areas and stained with sediment. We began fishing deep at 20 to 30 feet of water and immediately began hooking up with both smallies as well as walleye. Tube jigs were the hot ticket today with almost everything falling victim to them. When I didn’t see any signs of large fish being taken, I decided to try other areas in hopes of finding some real bigguns! This wasn’t to be however as we jumped all over, trying about 10 places before we landed back where we began. A few bass were caught on crankbaits in these areas, but the action was really slow. Obviously, deep was the place to be and we were going to fish slowly to see if we could manage to get a few more. Both Mike & Peter were hooking fish and after several drifts, we decided to call it a day by 5:00 & head back to the ramp. Although there weren’t really any big bass caught today, they managed to land 30 or 40 fish including many walleye. Overall, a decent day with lots of smaller smallies!!