I fished with Mark today on a local body of water for fishing 101. He hadn’t really ever fished for anything larger than panfish before and needed to learn a little about other species for work and wanted to experience it first hand. We met at the boat ramp around 7:30 A.M. and headed out for a crash course in everything from the basics to catching. The weather really turned out great with sunshine and temps exceeding 70 degrees. There was almost no wind until the afternoon when it began to blow 5 to 10 K from the S/W. This was a welcome change from all the N winds that we had been experiencing lately and the warm air felt great. Water temps actually increased during the day to just over 66 degrees. I still wish that it would fall and bring the fish in from deeper water for the fall bite. We began by jigging in deep water and managed to catch a few fish quickly on tubes. Although this seemed foreign to Mark, he eventually got the hang of it and landed a few nice smallies. I thought I would teach him a little about casting as well & gave him a spimnnerbait to throw in shallower water, hoping for a reaction strike from an aggressive smallmouth bass. Just when he thought about daydreaming, a 3 pounder hammered the lure and the fight was on. He couldn’t believe the power of a fish only that size as he struggled to land the fish for a picture. This was to prove to be the largest one he caught throughout the day, but at least he got to feel the strength of the smallie! He lost several others while fishing deep but only managed to land a few smaller ones in the end. He did get to see a couple of walleye too and now he knows what they look like in real life, instead of just pictures! Although this wasn’t the greatest day for catching, sometimes it isn’t the most important thing. The learning that he received from this outing will remain with him for sometime to come and benefit him in his work as well.