Hughes & his son, Olivier joined me today on a local lake for what was supposed to be a day of smallie action. To our surprise, it turned out to be more of a day of largemouth bass instead. The weather started out cloudy and dismal and never got any better with air temps barely over 62 degrees. Winds were light from the S/W making for easy boat control everywhere we fished. The water temps remained pretty much the same all over at 66 degrees and the clarity was pretty good as well. Both Hughes and Olivier managed to get into fish in the first couple of minutes, casting spinnerbaits and tubes. Although they weren’t huge like we were seeing, they were decent ones nonetheless. Olivier eventually hooked into a giant smallie and was overwhelmed when it took to the air for the second time and came unpinned. It was all of five or more pounds and gone! There was a bit of a competition going on between father & son and Olivier was winning. Each time his father caught a fish and thought he was gaining, Olivier followed up with one of his own. He even managed to get into another giant smallie later in the afternoon and unfortunately this one came off at boat side too. Hughes caught a bunch of largies and a couple of smallies, but never got into anything like his son did and had to settle for 3 pounders instead. By the time the day was done, Olivier had definitely landed more fish than his father, but both had lost their fair share as well. It wasn’t the day I had expected, but with a few adjustments, it turned out to be a good day overall.