I fished today with Irwin & his 6-year-old daughter, Chelsea for a multi species type of day. Chelsea was the reason Irwin had hooked up with me, as she loves to fish. She would be in for a real treat today! I don’t think we had been trolling for more than a minute before the first fish hit & she was battering a 3 or 4 pound pike. This was the largest fish Chelsea had ever caught, as pan fish were all she had fished for before today. We trolled for several hours with the rods firing like popcorn! We pretty much averaged a fish every 7 minutes for over 4 hours. Chelsea even landed huge pike of almost 10 pounds with a little help form her dad. We even had to adjust the fighting belt to fit her making it easier to reel in all these fish. At one point, we got into a bunch of walleye & she reeled in 7 of them up to 5-pounds. When the fishing finally slowed down we packed up the trolling rods & headed to another area to cast for bass. Here, Chelsea fought some smallies in the 4-pound range & had a hard time landing these strong, bruisers. They were so much more powerful on spinning tackle & almost wore her out! After catching several of these smallmouth she was eager to troll again, so we set the lines up once more in a new area. A rod fired almost immediately and she reeled in another samllmouth of 3.5 pounds. Shortly after, they called it a day, as Chelsea had to be at a party by 4:00 P.M. and needed to rest up before. What a tremendous day with this little sweetheart having the time of her life. By the time it was all over, she must have battled close to 50 big fish!