Richard & Ian fished with me today & how we go them! We began on a rocky shoal & Ian lost a 4-pounder on almost his first cast with a spinnerbait. I thought I would try a senko & immediately was picked up! Ian took the rod & slammed another big fish in the 4-pound class. That was all I needed to see before everyone was throwing senko’s. Both Richard & Ian were into fish, constantly boating 3 & 4-pound smallies & losing others as well. We moved all over this flat & were picking up fish in every area fished. The winds were non-existent making this type of fishing a simple method for all the bruisers in the area. This went on for several hours before we moved to another spot due to the bugs & scorching sun. It had to be over 80 by 10:00 A.M. with unbelievable humidity! We caught a few more smallies & a walleye on tubes here before we ran for largemouth. Unfortunately this didn’t work out, but Ian learned how to pitch a jig into real heavy cover. Back to the smallie area we went towards the end of the day & were faced with 15 to 25 knot winds from the S/W. This wasn’t easy, but we did manage a few more bass on senko’s before taking photos & heading back. This was definitely a better day than yesterday with about 25 quality bass caught up to 5 pounds!