Christiane & Warren joined me today on a local lake for a mixed bag type of day. The weather was just perfect with sunshine & practically no wind. The air temps went to almost 80 degrees & water temps were as high as 74 in some areas. We thought we would try trolling in the morning for pike & walleye & managed to get some of both before we moved into heavy weeds in hopes of some largemouth bass. The water was gin clear in the shallows. We only managed a few smaller fish with several sightings of some quality largemouth, but couldn’t seem to convinced them into biting. A heavier weed pocket was where Warren managed to land a nice largie over 4 pounds, on a soft plastic bait. We covered lots of good water & picked a few here & there, but they were really tight to cover & required slow presentations. I hooked a few others pitching into tiny pockets with dense vegetation & they were definitely better fish! Christiane was throwing a scum frog over grass in hopes of a real hog & was rewarded after missing a couple of blow-ups. She hooked into one over 5 pounds and winched it through all the vegetation as I grabbed it by the jaws. It was the best fish of the day & a few pics were taken before we released her back to the jungle from where she came. A few more fish were caught during the rest of the afternoon & even a couple of smallies before we decided to call it a day. Ironically, there were really not that many boats on the water on this glorious holiday and the fishing was great!