I fished with Craig & his son Mitch today on a local lake for a multi species kind of day. We started off casting Gulp baits on jig heads as well as senko’s and caught a few smaller bass doing so. Several larger fish were seen roaming around and a couple of them were missed on the hook set too. Weather was decent with temps in the 70’s and water temps were around 72 degrees with a light S/W wind. During one of the hook-ups, a couple of bruiser smallies were following as usual and a gulp tipped jig thrown into the middle managed to hook one of the four pounders for an honest double. Both Craig & his son Mitch had several chances at fish and managed to get into some of them before we shifted to another area nearby. Here they both landed a few more and once again several others were also missed. Eventually after hitting another area again, we opted to troll for walleye and pike. As luck would have it, the first fish to come aboard by Mitch was another smallie that fell just short of the 4-pound mark. We eventually started hooking into walleye and pike, but nothing big. They were all less than 5 pounds at best and I began covering water in hopes of finding something larger. This was not to be however and we eventually quit to try our luck at a few more smallies before we ended the day. Craig hooked up on his first cast with the jig and I told him that it was bad luck! It was quite a while before he had another strike let alone land another bass, so I wasn’t lying. Mitch on the other hand was having just bad luck by losing several more fish either by having them come off or just by the hook set. Either way it was tough to see so many bass not come to the boat and we finally called it a day at 5:00 P.M. and headed back to the ramp. This was definitely a mixed bag kind of day as there were smallies, pike and walleye caught in the 10 hours spent on the lake. It was rather tough fishing, but we had a great time nonetheless!!