Alain & Andrew joined me today on a local lake in hopes of catching some quality bass. We began the day with strong winds and high humidity. Air temps were in the 80’s and water temps were almost 73 degrees pretty much all over, where we fished. The winds were blowing from the S/W at 15 to 25 knots making the ride a little bumpy. The fishing started out a little slow at first with only a few smallies hitting our baits and the smaller ones being landed. Some of the larger 4-pound plus fish were seen just roaming around and not actually hitting the lures until I went to the senko’s. Here they managed to actually bite a few of the baits and soon after some of the larger ones were being caught. I think the activity level of the fish was really down from all the wind and rain we had experienced lately and the water colour wasn’t the greatest either! We moved around a bit with Alain catching a few good fish on the crankbaits and Andrew getting into a few as well, both on spinnerbaits and senko’s. I eventually opted for a more active fish and tried trolling for a while hoping to get Andrew into some pike & walleye. The winds were blowing pretty good in the area we were trolling causing the rolling waves to run about 3 footers. Add all the floating vegetation and I was constantly clearing the lines from all the weeds. We did manage to hook a few pike & one walleye but eventually gave up with all the headaches we were having and went back to casting for smallmouth. I tried several off shore areas that should have been loaded only to find absolutely nothing on any of them. I finally decided to go back and hit the shallows due to the high water and late season we had been experiencing when I stumbled on fish right away. I never thought that they would still be shallow and was glad we had gone in looking! For the rest of the afternoon we either hooked & landed or lost smallies up to & over 4 pounds but we saw all kinds cruising the fishing area as well. A slow presentation was definitely what they were looking for and the senko was the bait of choice. One more stop in the area we began our day proved to be a good choice as both Andrew & Alain landed several more quality smallies there as well. Overall a tough day, but a learning one that will aid me in the next few weeks to come until we actually get our long awaited summer.