After taking a few days R and R on Lake Ontario fishing trout & salmon, I was back on the water once again for more smallmouth action. I was to fish with Taylor & Matt today & promised them the biggest smallies of their lives. It’s not too hard to guarantee this when you have the quality of bass like we do and I wasn’t worried about coming through. Taylor had been given this as a birthday present several months back and his mother had contacted me to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. Unfortunately he had a major mishap that resulted in a broken leg only a couple of weeks before the scheduled fishing day that could have caused him to miss out. Fortunately though, he was willing to go nonetheless! We began our outing in warm, humid conditions with air temps of 65 degrees. Water temps were almost 72 degrees where we concentrated and the winds were out of the N/E at about 10 knots. The forecast called for the day to worsen and I didn’t want to take the chance of fishing open water later, so we began way out in the middle of the lake. I wasn’t sure what level of aggressiveness they were in so I had them throw spinnerbaits to begin. Apparently it wasn’t what they wanted as I tested the area by throwing a tube and hooked a couple of decent fish between 3.5 & 4 pounds. A change was made and now Taylor was throwing the tube while Matt continued with the hardware. The first bass to come aboard from Taylor was an honest 4-pound plus fish that was the largest smallie of his life. I had to change up Matt as well when I saw this and he too was soon into some jumbino’s as well. We fished this area and others nearby for quite a while catching more and losing some before we ventured to another distant spot in the rain. It had begun to rain off & on and was just miserable with the humidity. The winds had increased as well and were now blowing more like 20 knots with some stronger gusts at times. I knew we were into the major and suggested that Matt throw the spinnerbait again hoping for some aggressive hits. He had caught a 3.5-pound smallie earlier that nearly tore the rod from him and gladly accepted. It wasn’t long before he let out a yell when another tried to repeat the violent attack that he had felt and this time the fish was closer to 5 pounds. I love it when a smallie beats up on a fisherman! He managed to get this and one other in before he lost a really good one when it took to the air. Taylor also lost two good fish before he landed his best of the day on a tube. If this fish didn’t go 5 pounds it was 4 pounds 15 ounces and certainly well worthy of a great picture. We tried a couple of other areas and managed to land one more fish over 4 pounds with another missed fish on a senko. Taylor had definitely struck out on this one as he swung 3 times and had a piece of the fish on every try. We eventually saw the fish and it was another biggun as we went over the area he had been hit. The day ended in the rain but they had a great time both learning and catching huge smallies throughout it all. I think there were at least 15 or 20 fish that were landed and many, many others lost in the process. Overall a great day for real big smallies!