Scott & his son Zane joined me today on the water and oh, how we pounded the smallies! The weather was a little bit of everything, except there was no wind at all. This might be good for some people, but I prefer it when it blows. The “Dog Pecker Knats” were a real pain today and drove us crazy. The air temps reached into the 70’s and the water temps were about 73 degrees in most areas. We had sunshine for a while in the morning, followed by clouds in the afternoon and eventually a light sprinkle. Tubes and senko’s accounted for almost all the fish landed today and they were bigguns! We had a slow start with only a few fish caught in the first couple of hours, but eventually they started to come alive. The afternoon saw one area produce only quality bass for almost 2 hours, 4 pounds or better with the largest topping five. Both Scott & his son Zane landed these beasts hand over fist at one time and the followers with them were incredible. The bass were obviously feeding as we were seeing the hooked ones cough up minnows while fighting. We were trying only for large fish today and it was definitely working out well. Each area we hit had some fish on it and 18 to 19.5 inches were the normal lengths with very few fish on the smaller side. By the time the day was over there had to be about 25 smallies caught and the best 5 fish stringer for any tournament would have gone probably 23 pounds or better. Too bad we weren’t in a tournament today as it would have been tough to beat. All in all a great day for real trophy smallmouth!!