After a day off yesterday, I was back on the lake with Richard & his 2 sons, Max & Josh today, targeting pike and walleye. I had fished with Max before & looked forward to having Richard’s six-year-old son Josh, catch a few fish also. Another beautiful day with sunshine & light winds greeted us as we raced across the lake to our first spot. We trolled a weedy area & were into fish in minutes. Max was the one taking the rods as Josh piloted the boat beautifully. He was able to steer the boat over plenty of fish as Max landed both pike & walleye for the first few hours of the morning. The largest pike would have gone just under 8 pounds, but we had a nice couple of 3.5 lbs walleye along with a six pounder too! Late in the morning we switched up to casting for largemouth and went into a jungle of weeds to see if we could get a big one. To say the fishing was tough would be an understatement. We saw several just cruising, but only managed to catch a few smaller ones before we left, looking for smallies. Once more, we encountered similar conditions with cruisers, but not takers. The last couple of areas did produce fish however as both Richard & max hooked & landed some smallies up to 3.5 pounds. Overall, a tough day with most of the fish taken by trolling. The bass just didn’t want to cooperate today!