Today I had a tournament on Lake St-Francis with my fishing partner Marc & finally got to fight some fish. Conditions cooled off overnight but rose quickly during the day to reach into the 90 degree range with high humidity. Light winds at times & bright sun made it a difficult day for most. We took advantage of the peak feeding period by sacking a strong limit early during the minor & upgrading slightly in the afternoon in the major, before having to leave to weigh in. With a 5 fish limit of almost 22 pounds of smallies we took first place by 2 lbs. We were also lucky to take lunker as well with a 4.7 lb fish bumping up our earnings more. The weights fell drastically after 2nd place to just 14 pounds proving that the largemouth bite was definitely off today. Thankfully we were after smallies & they were big. What a great day on the water!