I was sure glad to have the day off yesterday, with all the rain that fell and headed back on the water today with Satoshi. He was in from Japan visiting family & wanted to fish for the day, for smallmouth bass. We unfortunately were faced with cold front conditions after yesterday’s weather & had 20 to 30 knot winds from the W/NW. We also had a major drop in air temps & lost about 20 degrees, with a high of just 70 today. Water temps didn’t fall too badly, but with the wind they muddied up terribly. This was going to be a tough day all around! I had Satoshi throw a spinnerbait due to the tough conditions & I threw a senko so that I could pass off the rod, in case of a pick up. He landed a couple and lost a few more due to the hook sets, but they were not big fish. I had several pick-ups & he managed to land a few of them as well. A couple more decent fish were taken on tubes by Satoshi before we shifted to another area. This was even more in the wind & boat control was really tough here, but we did get into some more fish. They really weren’t very aggressive & needed a lot of convincing in order to eat our baits! We tried several other spots in hopes of finding schooling, active fish, but only managed a few more fish doing so. The winds were really bad on one spot we tried & it felt more like “Lake Erie” than St-Louis! Eventually we went back to where we had the most success & slowed down more. Satoshi continued to throw the spinnerbait off & on and had a big muskie eat it at the boat. We saw the whole strike perfectly & for a short time he was able to fight the fish. Unfortunately this was short lived as the fish jumped next to us & literally broke the spinnerbait at the bend in the arm. All he was left with was the blade & where the line connected to it. This fish was at least 45 inches and would have gone around 18 to 20 lbs. We got back onto the senko’s & Satoshi was into bass almost dead sticking them over the rocks. I knew the fish were there & slowing down while fishing was really working. The last couple of hours had the best landing ratio with Satoshi getting into bass up to almost 5 pounds. Despite “Mother Natue” we did overcome the conditions to land close to 20 quality smallies on this windy day!