Tom & I hit the water this morning around 10:00 A.M. We were out to have a relaxing day of trolling in hopes of catching some pike & walleye. The sun was out & the air temps were already in the 70’s making this a real nice start to the day. I don’t think the lines were in the water for more than a minute when a reel went off & Tom was reeling in the first of many fish to come. From this point on, we were into constant action for a few hours landing pike up to 8 pounds. It eventually slowed down at one point & I began trolling new water in hopes of finding more active fish. This was lucky as the next fish proved to be a walleye just under 3 pounds. Unfortunately this was our last one & all we found after were pike & 1 largemouth bass. By 3:00P.M. We decided to call it quits and headed back to the boat ramp. In the few short hours out, we had caught 15 to 20 pike & a bonus walleye. This was truly a relaxing day out!