What a difference a day makes! Warm temps, no wind & no rain made for a much more enjoyable day of fishing. Unfortunately we didn’t land any lakers that made the slot size, but we did get five that were close. We even tried casting again along the drop off where we were hooking up, but no takers. They all wanted flies on the deep lines down 15 to 20 feet but they were small. Along with the trout were of course more jumbo perch and a few small bass. Water temps on the open lake were 53.5 to 55 degrees & some of the bays were once again close to 60. I could see that most of the bass were now shallow & staging to spawn, so we fished over much deeper water in the 20 to 40 foot range. I might try a different area tomorrow morning and troll along cliffs to see if we can’t get into some salmon or rainbows for a change. No pics again!