Ed accompanied me today on the lake to see if he could get a few trout for dinner. I thought our best chances would be on the fly so we trolled streamers the entire day. The air temps hit 70 & the water warmed to almost 55 degrees with the sunshine making it just perfect. Little to no wind was present as we trolled smelt patterns both high & low only to have the deep line constantly firing. I was quick to change the high line for another deep line and began getting hit on that one as well. We covered a lot of water, but concentrated on a couple of off shore shoals because of all the action. This was unfortunate though as all of the hits turned out to be bass! Just as I said that this was to be our last pass, both reels screamed within 5 seconds of each other & Ed was into another fish. I just let the second rod stay in the rod holder and concentrated on the fish at hand. This time it turned out to be a lake trout none too soon! We had been trolling a deep edge from 10 to 30 feet and were both happy to see it in finally in the net. I told Ed to grab the other rod while I put the fish in the livewell in case it might be another trout and sure enough, it was. Wow, a double header! We continued to fish this area a little longer after landing the trout but soon left after we continued catching smallies. The next spot proved to be no different as we only caught bass over the deep water and relocated once again. After a couple of missed strikes & a few bass landed, Ed fought what we thought was another bass until both of us caught a glimpse of the fish by the boat. All of a sudden, this salmon came alive and went crazy. Ed wasn’t quick enough to let the fish run & the hook just pulled free. From what I saw, the fish was 4 to 5 pounds and no longer attached to the fly. Oh well, can’t win em all! The rest of the afternoon was spent covering water that apparently was void of trout & salmon because all we caught were the odd bass. Although we only managed to land a couple of lakers, it was still action packed. I wish the bass would start to move shallow and leave the deep water to the trout real soon. All in all it was still a great day on the water!