We all met at the ramp this morning at 8:00 and shortly after, were back on the water trolling once again. A light rain quickly disappeared and left us in the clouds for a while but soon gave way to partial sunshine. Unfortunately with the sun, came a strong wind from the west gusting above 25 knots at times. This made trolling flies for the trout & salmon a challenge, but we gave it our all. Without a touch in the first hour or so, we decided to cast jigs & jerkbaits on deep water shoals and hooked a few fish. Unfortunately, they were the wrong species once more and relocated slightly deeper yet again! It was here that Marcel locked up on a big fish with a deep diving jerkbait & I knew that this was finally what we were looking for. I netted the laker after a short battle and realized that it was a decent sized fish of at least 8 pounds. We immediately released her into the livewell, as Marcel would be taking this beauty home for a later B.B.Q. Two other fish were landed out on this shoal, but they were both bass. Ironically one of them was a largemouth that was obviously lost as it was completely out of its element. Back to trolling we went when the wind just made everything almost impossible to be casting. It was actually swirling and seemed like the wind was coming from 2 different directions at the same time. It was a little while later that Marcel managed to grab one of the rods from the holder and land a slightly above legal sized salmon that we also placed into the livewell. I thought we were onto something and really believed that we were finally going to get into them, but was disappointed to find out that this was to be the last one of the day. The next few times the reels were to fire were when smallies ate the smelt streamers. Although we weren’t able to catch any other trout or salmon, it was still lots of fun hearing the reels go. I would have liked to troll the areas I knew held fish, but was unable to get there in the conditions we were faced with. Safety always comes first and when it’s not fun, it’s just not worth it! We would have been trolling in 3 to 4 footers and taking a pounding just trying to overcome “Mother Nature’s” cruel punishment. I can’t wait to get even!!