I hit the water around 8:00 this morning with Jim for another day of trolling flies for trout & salmon. The weather was the worst it’s been all month with cold temps, strong winds & misty rain all day long. It was so bad that we abandoned the troll early & went to casting the deep water with jigs & jerk-baits looking for active fish. Only one other boat was seen on the lake and they made a u turn when they saw how rough it was out there. We on the other hand, stuck it out in the 621 Ranger. These rigs are just made for rough conditions & we weren’t about to jump ship. Lots of marks were seen along with plenty of baitfish, but all we could hook up with were the occasional perch & smallmouth. By 4:30 p.m. we had seen enough & headed to the ramp in the heaviest rain of the day. Along the way back to the house it began to snow “Mashed Potatoes” and the temps fell to 34 degrees. What a miserable way to end a day! No pics today!