Andre, Jim & Marcel fished with me today for a shot at some trout. We trolled with fly rods & had chances at 5 fish in the first 15 minutes. Misfortune was all we had to show for our efforts however as we continued up the lake searching for our first fish. The weather was spectacular & sunny with a high reaching into the 70’s Water temps were 47 to 53 degrees depending on where we were & no wind was present. There were plenty of fish caught trolling smelt-like streamers all over, but not the species we were looking for. It was almost impossible to troll through some areas without the reel screaming, only to find out they were either jumbo perch or smallmouth bass. Andre finally locked up on a nice brown trout late in the afternoon and we were happy to finally see one come aboard. The light 5-weight fly rod that accounts for over 50% of the salmon usually taken came through once more with a brownie of nearly 7 pounds. This was to be the only trout today, but not for lack of trying! Tomorrow we’ll hit another lake, searching for salmon & hopefully have better luck with the right species. All in all it was still a great day to be on the water!