Frank & his uncle Antonio joined me today on a smaller body of water in pursuit of lakers & browns. I was informed that there were no salmon in this lake and would have to settle for the other trout instead. The air temps were cool in the morning but soon found their way into the 70’s by afternoon. Blue skies & bright sunshine made this a picture perfect kind of day as we trolled fly rods for the trout once again. It didn’t take long before the reels were going off, but they weren’t trout. Instead, they were bass from 20 to 30 feet of water. The surface temps were perfect with 47 degrees, but the trout weren’t what we were getting into. I quickly moved off this area hoping to locate some of the larger trout somewhere else, but kept catching the smallies everywhere we went. We covered a few miles of lake with nothing to show except destroyed, tandem streamers. I hadn’t tied over 100 of these flies for the bass to mangle and was beginning to get frustrated. One of the reels finally screamed hard and I saw a salmon go air born way behind the boat. It was the long line and Frank grabbed the rod giving the fish slack only to have it come unpinned. As quickly as it was on, it was gone! Oh well, there goes the no salmon in the lake theory, I guess. We trolled for the rest of the day looking for another taker, but all we had to show for our efforts were aggressive smallies. It was almost impossible to keep these fish away from the flies even if we were over deep water and baitfish. They were suspended all over the lake and eating everything in sight! We caught them in as little as 7 feet of water to as deep as 50 feet. I did mark plenty of baitfish schools that were most likely smelt as well as some fairly large hooks that resembled trout, but were unable to convince them to eat anything we trolled. It’s too bad about the salmon getting off, but that’s fishing. All in all it was a great day on the water despite the absence of trout & salmon!!