I was back out again today with Tim once more and decided to use another ramp due to yesterday’s incident with the ice. I was able to heat it up, melt all the ice and duct tape it so that it doesn’t get any worse in the next few weeks of fishing. We once again got a late start due to the overnight lows and hit the water around 11:30 AM. The fishing was a little slower today, but we still got them pretty good. The water temps were around the same, but there were literally no winds creating a smooth surface to fish. The bites were a little difficult to detect as the fish were once again just picking up the tubes and tight line was a necessity if you were to feel them at all. We moved around a lot picking a few fish in almost each area we fished, but no real big schools were found. We caught fish in as shallow as 3 feet and as deep as 25 feet today making the pattern tough to figure out! Tim managed to get a nice walleye of around 4 pounds and even had a northern over 10 pounds beside the boat before it broke the line. I don’t think there were as many bass caught today, but they were all pretty good size. Another short day on the water and it looks like the duct tape held out!!