I was scheduled to fish with Andre & Jim today back on the same lake but had to rearrange the plans when Andre told me that Jim had been in a car accident on his way in. He had driven from New Jersey the night before and made it all the way past the Lacolle Border before a truck wiped his van out on the Canadian side. He didn’t want to waste the day, so he called someone to come and pick him up so that he could go and fish. With the cold temperatures and snow that fell overnight, it wasn’t going to be a great one. We all met in the east end and fished the St-Lawrence River for the remainder of the day. It rained a mist almost the entire time making it feel like we were fishing in the clouds! The bite was really tough as well with us only getting into some fish in the last 2 hours of the day. The fish were marking in all the places we tried, but for some reason wouldn’t eat. Somewhere around 2:00 in the afternoon when the moon rose, they decided to bite and we managed to salvage the day. This was definitely not one of the better days, in more ways than one!!