Darrin & I were back on the water again today for what we hoped was to be another Multi Species kind of day. This time however we were to spend a little more time trying to catch a Muskie and with any luck, we would succeed! Unlike the weekend weather, today felt more like Florida with the 50 plus degree temperatures we were having. There was no ice to break with the boat today as we made our way out to the lake from the boat launch and this was a plus! We began fishing about 11:00 AM and got into some nice bass rather quickly, but not the numbers we had thought we would. With the water temps remaining about the same as Sunday at just over 49 degrees, not much had changed. We did however have a pretty strong wind from the W and I thought this would have helped us somewhat more than it really did. By moving around we were able to find one area with a better concentration of fish and managed to get into about 25 or so smallies up to almost 5 pounds before we called it quits and began trolling for Muskie elsewhere. The conditions were absolutely perfect looking and we were taking advantage of the afternoon major at 1:30 PM when we began our troll. We tried several areas and marked some fish in as deep as 34 feet, but were never able to get the rods to fire. These fish were glued to the bottom and didn’t have any interest in moving to take a lure. At one point I trolled about 8 times over the same fish just trying to piss him off and it just backfired. We could have stopped this lure washing disaster and gone back for more smallmouth, but both of us thought we would eventually score, so we kept on. We kept on so long that we trolled right into the dark, still marking fish and with the same success. The temperatures were so warm that even once the sun went down, it still felt comfortable. It was too bad that we hadn’t had a single pull as this seemed like the perfect trolling conditions for a score. I know it was just right for us, but apparently not for the elusive ski!! All in all a pretty enjoyable day, nonetheless!!