After a disappointing day yesterday due to hurricane like winds and pounding rain, we were back on the water again today with a vengeance. Craig & Herm were with me on a local body of water in pursuit of smallmouth bass and oh how they caught them! The weather had taken a 180-degree turn for the better with sunshine and temps that maxed out at 65 degrees in the afternoon. Water temps were barely over 63 degrees and had fallen from yesterday’s rain and the overnight lows we suffered from the cold front. The winds were strong from the NE and heavier gusts at times blew at 20 to 25 knots. This eventually died almost completely leaving us with light & variable winds. I believe that each & every spot we fished today produced multiple fish, hook ups and even a few triple-headers. I can’t remember how many doubles we had but there were many of them as well. Tubes were the lures of choice and most of the bass fell victim to them dragged in anywhere between 5 & 20 feet of water. Once we found fish in certain locations, we usually stayed there until the action slowed and then found another area just like it somewhere else. Some places yielded 20 or more bass before we had to move. There were a lot of fish in the smaller than average size of two pounds or so, but there were also plenty of bass 3 pounds or better. We didn’t catch any 5 pounders today but there were quite a few 4 pounds and a few in the high fours. These fish are just starting to move into the fall locations and with cooler nights ahead, will actually group up heavier in the next few weeks. Eventually, there will be better than average sized bass mostly in the 3 to 4.5 pound range with many 5 pounders caught each day as well. I can’t wait! Fall is a great time to catch both size and numbers of football like smallies that just gorge themselves, knowing that winter will soon arrive. Falling water temps make these fish more active and they usually feed all day long! Today was the first day this fall that 2 anglers exceeded 100 bass caught with many, many others lost. There will be lots more of these days ahead to come as well!