Alain & Cindy were to accompany me today on yet another local body of water in pursuit of more smallie action! We were to get off the water a little earlier today due to other engagements so we met at 7:00 AM and rolled immediately afterwards. Overnight, the air had dropped down to only 3 degrees above zero and I knew it would have an effect on some of the areas we were to be fishing. It would definitely be a slow presentation until the water warmed up, if it ever did! Fortunately for us, the sun was shining and that made the air feel no quite so cold. We were all wearing some sort of gloves for most of the day however and were glad to have them on. Winds were out of the W at 5 to 10 knots with slightly higher gusts at times feeling more like sub zero temps rather than above zero. The fish were still in the areas I had caught them yesterday and it didn’t take long before both Cindy and Alain had bent rods. Some of these smallies were a little on the below average size, but still a blast to catch. Eventually we were to shift areas and finally fell into a zone that was holding better quality fish of 3 to 4 pounds. We stayed in this area as long as the fish were cooperating and everyone was catching. When it finally slowed, we relocated again and did the same thing all over again. I think Cindy might have caught more than Alain, but to Alain’s defence, she was in the front of the boat casting to where I pointed. Just like yesterday, we caught fish in practically every location we fished. I wanted to see if I could hook up with a Muskie for one of them so sometime after lunch, we began to troll. Unfortunately by this time, the winds had kicked up a little more and it had started to rain. Add to this all the floating vegetation and it darn near made it impossible for me to have a chance at getting into one. We trolled for about 90 minutes or more in a few areas, marking some fish and plenty of bait, but had no takers. It wasn’t to be today given the short time frame were allotted to try for them and we had to call it quits for the day. It was still a great few hours for smallmouth though with over 40 fish landed and plenty more lost as well. The largest today would have gone close to 4.5 pounds and still another day without a five pounder to our credit. I anticipate that this will only improve with the cooler nights ahead and falling water temps in the next few weeks and can’t wait for all of those 100 fish days to come!!