I was back on the water again today, but up north on a Laurention lake with Jay & Mike. Yesterday, Mike had fished with Jay for Muskie and had gotten him into a few giants. Today however, Jay was fishing bass and Mike thought he would like to join us as well. The trees were beautiful with all the reds, yellows and oranges and would make great pictures, if we caught some fish. Water temps were 62 degrees and some areas 63.5 degrees with a light chop from the SE from winds of 10 to 15 knots. The first area was a small hump that put Jay into the first fish of the day. That’s just bad luck when you hook up right away and time would tell. Mike hooked into a couple of beauties almost immediately after and the livewell was beginning to fill up for later pics. We tries plenty of areas, some old and some new, but never really got into them good. There were a couple of fish here and there and we had to work to get the few bites that we got. Mike even managed to get a small muskie of about 36 inches while throwing a muskie jerk-bait off one of the deeper points while we fished for bass. Tube jigs definitely worked the best today as every smallmouth bass that was caught, came from them. Jay even hooked another muskie from a dock that instantly had both Mike & I sure it wasn’t a bass. It came by the boat like a submarine and just let go. Usually, they just bite you off, but this time it let lose before I had a chance to even get the boga. We tried unsuccessfully for a while casting for Muskie and then switched back to smallmouth once again only to have limited action once more. Sometime after 6:00 PM we had just had enough and decided to call it a day. We took a couple of pictures of the fish and released them back to the lake. There weren’t a lot of fish caught, but the average size was really good. There was even one bass that measures 21 inches in length and would have gone in the mid 5 pound range for sure. All in all a pretty good day with quality bites!