With the onset of foul weather coming in by the end of this week, I thought I would get a day in before the rain arrived. Darrin & I hit the water for a few hours of fishing and began trolling for Muskie around 11:00 AM. The lake was flat calm and the skies were heavily overcast with dark clouds. Perfect trolling weather! The water temps were down again to 62.5 degrees and the air temps were in the mid 50’s making fall seem like it had finally started to arrive. We trolled for about 90 minutes without any luck and decided to stop and cast for smallmouth bass. What a tough way to kill time as it didn’t take too long before we were bringing up schooling bass and locked up. We didn’t catch many, but they were all big fatties and close to 4 pounds on average. It doesn’t take too long to spook the school and this was not the exception once more! Within 30 minutes or so, they disappeared to the deep and never showed again. We tried dragging tubes for a little longer, but no takers. The sun had just appeared through the clouds and the sky looked like it was going to clear, so I decided to give the Muskie another try. I don’t think the lures were in the water for 15 minutes, before the shallow, long rod fired. The reel screamed line with what sounded like a big fish attached and Darrin was fast on the rod. Moments later, we both caught a view of this beast and realized that it was a good one of around 25 pounds. A quick jaw grip with the boga and I unhooked her from the trebles unharmed before bringing her aboard for a few pics. She was a beautiful 45-inch spotted fish that was almost perfectly flawless and one of the prettiest muskie I had seen in a while. I snapped several shots and back she went for the release. A few more pictures and she was gone, back to the depths with a flip of the tail. I knew we would score! We trolled for a little while longer without any takers and then went back to bass fishing. We caught a few more smallies but they were definitely off the feed as we saw giants just cruising around looking at our baits, without a take. We switched back to trolling again and continued marking fish, but they too were really off and we never had another reel fire. Around 4:15 PM we decided to call it quits and headed back to the ramp. We had another successful half day on the water with about 10 big bass taken and many others seen! The highlight of the day however, definitely had to be the 45-inch Muskie we landed. Just a spectacular mottled design on her sides made her just picture perfect!