Today, I fished with Darren on two bodies of water for both bass and Muskie. We began our day dragging tubes in current for smallies and had a blast. Although the fish weren’t the size I was accustomed to, they were a lot of fun. Most of the 50 or so bass were in the 2-pound size, but there were several over 3 and a few closer to 4 pounds too. Unfortunately, there were definitely more fish lost than landed today and we weren’t quite sure why that was. I tried changing the hooks and still managed to lose almost as many as did Darren. It didn’t really matter though as there were plenty of others biting the jigs almost instantly after you lost a fish. At one point, Darren brought up what we thought might have been a Muskie when we both saw a huge mass in the water behind his tube. It broke up in pieces that went in every direction as soon as he hooked one of the 20 or more smallmouth that were tightly grouped up. As fast as they appeared, they were gone and never to be seen again. Sometime in the mid afternoon, I decided that it was time to relocate to try and see if we could get Darren into another Muskie before we were done. Once on the other body of water, we realized just how sheltered were actually were when we were faced with 20 knot winds from the SE. There was probably a 2 to 3 foot roll on the lake and I thought we would score for sure! Not a boat in sight and everything to ourselves! We set the rods and began to troll several areas without any luck for about an hour and then the reel went off. Finally one took and Darren was tight to a good fight from a 42-inch fatty. A few quick pics and a good release and we were back trolling for more. More, more, more is my motto now and you can never get enough of these beasts. We gave it about another hour but never touched another fish and decided to call it a day. We had accomplished what we had set out to do and even 1 Muskie is a successful day. Add all the bass from the early part of the day and it was a great one, to say the least!